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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     This air data computer interfaces with your GPS and a G3/4 engine monitor supplying real-time data with winds aloft from takeoff to landing.

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  • Strike Finder



    Real-time lightning detection anywhere you fly in the world, over land, water, mountains, even on the ground up to 200 nm.

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  • GX-MFT



    The GX-MFT is a primary tachometer, manifold pressure and fuel flow instrument along with special electrical analysis on your avionics electrical system.

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  • G Series



    The only engine monitor for pistion engine aircraft or helicopter with vibration analysis and exhaust valve management.

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PatentLandmark Patent - No.: 8,473,176 B2 The US patent office has granted the G Series patent. 
It is the most comprehensive engine monitoring patent ever granted. 
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